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  Caddies awash in options

January 15, 2006

With an abundance of efficient, affordable shower caddies to choose from, there's almost no excuse to have a cluttered shower or tub area. (Unless, of course, you feel overwhelmed by the range of choices.)

Here's an overview of caddy categories:

Over-the-shower-head caddy

Over-the-shower-door rack

Shower curtain pockets

Corner pole (tension rod) with adjustable trays

Suction trays

Shower totes

Depending on your household, more than one type of shower caddy may be needed for each bathroom. The Container Store has the widest selection in town, while Bed Bath & Beyond carries several exclusives such as the Umbra Flipper ($20), an innovative over-the-shower-head model with flip-down shelves designed to accommodate taller bottles.

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